Product innovation, engineering excellence, quality management.

More than 40 years of experience!

Designing, manufacturing, assembling and trading a wide range of products that can offer a comprehensive supply providing high added value to the customer.

Our EFFICIENCY and COMPETITIVENESS is based on a model of vertical and horizontal integration, which allows us to promote flexible, agile and efficient organizations with management systems focused “Product – Client” and therefore adaptable to market requirements under a common corporate structure that generates synergies and use of resources among its divisions, combining expertise and complementary products.

Worldfluid was born with a strong vision and international positioning, we continually work on diversification and development of an efficient national and international network that  will ensure a local presence. With a global and comprehensive vision and management of products and services, this will allow closeness to customers and  LOYALTY through our after-sales service “AS-VIP” efficiently.


Our Mission

Worldfluid was born with the mission and purpose of positioning itself  in the market as a reference for brand in design, manufacture and trading of products for the MANAGEMENT, MANIPULATION and CONTROL OF FLUIDS in the different sectors and the industries which  it is a part of.



Our Vision

The positioning of Worldfluid products and services, competitively in the value chain of customers, industries and markets.  Doing this will ensure each of iour product lines are a reference in the sector, with the ultimate aim of consolidating and strengthening their economic and business activities in both the medium and long term.

Our Values

Through people and our VALUES; professionalism, innovation, communication, quality, competitiveness, and honesty in management, we will guarantee to our customers our  products are of the highest quality and reliability, covering their needs and achieving maximum satisfaction and loyalty.


Valves, Pumps, Fire Systems, Trading (Pipe & Accessories)